Thursday, March 31, 2011



The human person deeply desires expression. One of the most beutiful ways the soul is present is through thought. Thoughts are the forms of the soul's inner swiftness. In a certain sense, there is nothing in the world as swift as a thought. It can fly anywhere, and be with anyone. Our feelings too can move swiftly; yet even though they are precious to our own identity, thoughts and feelings still remain largely invisible. In order to feel real, we need to bring that inner invisible world to expression. Every life needs the possibilitey of expression. When we perform an action, the invisible within us finds a form, and comes to expression. Therefore, our work should be the place where the soul can enjoy becoming visible and present. The rich unknown, reserved and precious within us, can emerge into visible form. Our nature longs deeply for the possibility of expression which we call work.

I was raised on a farm. We were poor and each of us had to do our share of chores. I am always grateful that I was taught how to work. Ever since, I have found satisfaction in being able to do a day's work. I find it frustrating when a day goes astray, and at evening I sense that many of the possibilities that slept in that day remained unmet. On a farm, work has a clear and visible effect. When you are digging potatoes, you see the results of your harvesting; the garden yields its buried, nurtured fruit. When you build a wall in a field, you are introducing a new presence into the landscape. If you are out footing turf on the bog, in the evening you see all the grogáin of turf standing up ready to dry. There is great satisfaction in farm work. Even though it is difficult, you still see a great return for your work. When I left home, I entered the world of thought, writing and poetry. This work is in the invisible realm. When you work in the territory of the mind, you see nothing. Only sometimes are you given the slightest little glimpse of the ripples from your effort. You need great patience and self-trust to sense the invisible harvest in the territory of the mind. You need to train the inner eye for the invisible realms where thoughts can grow, and where feelings put down their roots.

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