Wednesday, March 30, 2011



The world of Celtic spirituality is completely at home with the rhythm and wisdom of the senses. When you read Celtic nature poetry, you see that all the senses are alerted: you hear the sound of the winds, you taste the fruits and above all you get a wonderful sense of how nature touches human presence. Celtic spirituality also has a great awareness of the sense of vision, particularly in relation to the spirit world. The Celtic eye has a great sense of that interim world between the invisible and the visible. This is referred to in scholarship as the imaginal world, the world where the angels live. The Celtic eye loves this interim world. In Celtic spirituality, we find a new bridge between the visible and the invisible; this comes to expression beautifully in its poetry and blessings. These two worlds are no longer separate. They flow naturally, gracefully and lyrically in and out of each other.


May your body be blessed.

May you realize that your body is

A faithful and beautiful friend

Of your soul.

And may you be peaceful and joyful and

Recognize that your senses are sacred thresholds.

May you realize that holiness is mindful gazing,

Feeling, hearing and touching.

May your senses gather you and bring you home.

May your senses always enable you to celebrate

The universe and the mystery and possibilities

In your presence here.

May the Eros of the Earth bless you.

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